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Some of the best reasons to join Español con María

aprender es un viaje

Learning Spanish is a trip

With Español con Maria you’ll get closer to hispanoamerican culture than ever before; its landscapes, and its characters. Discover a fascinating world while you learn Spanish!

Somos una comunidad

We´re a community

Español con Maria is a community of people all around the world who, just like you, are passionate about learning Spanish. You’ll never be alone with Español con Maria, learn Spanish and connect with the world.

Aprendizaje a tu ritmo

We´re available 24/7

Access your classes and courses anytime and anywhere you want. Our flexible schedule adapts to your time and your needs.

Diviértete aprendiendo español

Have fun!

Spanish is a beautiful and fun language, and in Español con Maria we make sure that our courses are as well.

estadisticas imagen

Communicative approach

In Español con Maria we organize our content so that you can achieve your communication goals as soon as possible. Our approach allows you to enjoy faster results.

Español Con Maria Profesora

Learn Along native teachers

This way you’ll learn the real Spanish: the Spanish that is actually used, the one that’ll get you new friends each trip.

You can find all of this in
Español con María

Cursos de español
Clases de español
Sala de español

Spanish onlines courses
with María

Learning Spanish is a Marathon, and in Español con Maria we prepare you to reach the finish line after you’ve enjoyed the process.

Learn all the different courses we have for you.

Private Spanish lessons

Take classes with Maria and speak Spanish fluently. Maria is an excellent teacher and she’ll design the class content to fit to your needs and interests. These are private and personalized classes.

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Conversation rooms

In order to speak Spanish more fluently you need to speak more often. Join Español con Maria’s conversation rooms and meet amazing people while you practice your Spanish. Conversation rooms are 45 minutes of real conversations in Spanish in which you interact with other students and Maria. This is the safe and effective practice space you were looking for.

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Improving your Spanish Course

Make your speech talk well about you. This improving your Spanish course resumes Spanish grammar in a simple but practical manner so that you polish the way in which you express yourself.

Strengthen your ideas and express them correctly

Sometimes what we mean to say loses strength or clarity because we make a mistake that distracts our audience. With this course you’ll master applied grammar so that you can talk and express yourself better.

So that what you say and how you say it come hand in hand

Let your great ideas be expressed in Spanish as well. That’s basically what you’ll gain from this course.

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Thousands of people around the world are connected through Español con Maria

  • I loved this class! it was amazing! -Ivonne, Brazil
  • I am very happy to see the way you teach the language, I loved everything about it. -Luisa, Brazil
  • The teacher Maria is really caring and encouraging, I enjoy every session. -Daniel, USA
  • I want to thank Maria for her great job. I cannot stop watching her videos, they are so interesting and useful, I always want to see more and more. -Katerina, Ukraine
  • Great lessons, really cool vibe. -Martin Burkhart, Austria
  • I believe she is one of the best Spanish teachers there are! You can tell that everything she does, she does with lots of care and love. -Милицa Боричић, Russia

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