The Spanish course that is effective, just like the university.

the tropical way to learn spanish

and as much fun, as being with friends.

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The tropical way to learn Spanish.

The only Spanish course you need to get out of the intermediate level.

"I really enjoyed this relaxed and informal way to practice my Spanish. A thousand thanks Maria, keep it up!"

"For me, it was a sensational class. In a few minutes you can learn a lot, with clear and fun examples."

"I just want to say that I loved it."

Enroll in our online Spanish school and learn without limits.

Plans from 19 USD per month

(Paying for the year in advance)

online spanish course

You have recorded lessons and exercises

In the Spanish with Maria subscriptions, you have access to our online Spanish courses, so you can learn at the time you want, the time you want, and from wherever you want.

Es hora de aprender espanol

We have a virtual "tutor" by mail.

In addition to giving you video lessons and exercises, in our online Spanish school, we also accompany you via email, giving you advice and guidance and testing your progress.

Real-time practices

In the online Spanish school we have conversation spaces, live accompaniment, practical workshops and also question and answer sessions. More than a Spanish school, we are a community.

Why learn Spanish with us?

Because you are going to LIVE life in Spanish

Forget about boring courses and unfunny teachers. Spanish with Maria is what you want and need.

Spanish with Maria is the online Spanish school you were looking for. You have access to study material 24 hours a day, any day of the year, and from anywhere you want. It adapts to different levels of knowledge and helps you develop ALL the skills you need to communicate in Spanish.

The content is designed in such a way that students do not memorize rules, but learn, in context, by understanding the logic of the language.

The skills you develop in our online Spanish school:

Speaking fluency: our program includes conversation practice.

Writing fluency: you master grammar and gain advanced vocabulary.

Language comprehension: both when you hear it and when you read it.

Pronunciation: we work on making your Spanish pronunciation clear and confident.

How does it work?

  • Choose the plan you prefer. Both are super good, but if you want to practice having real conversations and meet interesting people, I recommend the SUPER GUACAMAYO plan.
  • Receive in your email the link to take the diagnostic test. Take the test so that we can begin to accompany you by e-mail by sending you guided activities.
  • Every week we send you the activities we suggest you to do, both in courses and premium activities. You have an accompaniment every week.
Diagnostico de español
Plan de estudio aprender español
Aprender español learn spanish

Our subscription plans to learn Spanish

Choose the plan that best suits what you want and your time.

María de Español con María

If you pay for the year in advance, you get a super discount

Guacamayo Plan

228 USD

per year
($19 per month)

Super Súper guacamayo

990 USD

per year
($82.5 per month)

Plan: Super guacamayo

This plan includes everything in the Guacamayo plan. .. plus, every month you will have this real practice with the personalized help of our Spanish teachers with Maria.


$99 USD

per month

Curso de conjugación de verbos iregulares

Frequently Asked Questions

  • These memberships are ideal for intermediate and advanced students (A2 or higher): Our courses start with basic concepts and increase in difficulty as they progress.

  • What time are the Super guacamayo plan tutorials and rooms?: We have many schedules and you choose the one that suits you.

  • Can the courses be taken in any order I want? Yes, the order is suggested, but you can follow the courses as you wish.

  • What are the topics of the workshops? Each month we propose different topics and you choose the ones you want to participate in.

  • Can I take more than 1 private class per month?: Yes, you can buy as many additional classes as you want each month.

  • Is it mandatory for me to join the Telegram group: No, if you don’t want to join, you don’t have to.

  • Are question and answer sessions recorded? We do a live broadcast in which members of the súper guacamayo plan can participate, and afterwards, we share the video so that if you were not able to connect to the live broadcast, you can watch it.

  • Can I study from my cell phone: Yes, you can use your cell phone’s browser to study on our platform.

  • Should I use chrome: Some interactive exercises in the courses work only in chrome.

From basic to super advanced.

Our program understands your difficulties and what you want to achieve.

Courses with progressive difficulty

The recorded lessons are designed to help you understand grammar, verb tenses, gain vocabulary and much more. As you progress, the difficulty increases.

Self-qualifying exercises

After the recorded course lessons, you test what you have learned with exercises designed to help you remember. In addition to the courses, you receive in your mail 2 extra activities per month.

We prepare you for fluency

We focus on the role that each component plays in communication. Our lessons, the exercises, the tutorials and rooms of the Cacique plan and everything else is focused on developing your communication skills.

As intense as you want

We make an accompaniment that adapts to the amount of time you want to dedicate per month to study Spanish.


All our courses and activities have a theoretical component, but also a practical one. You learn the concepts and apply them.

Study whenever you want

The courses are recorded, so you can access them whenever you want. Extra activities are sent to your email, and if you have tutorials or rooms, you choose the schedule.

Creative methodology

You will not feel alone studying, our methodology is very effective and you will feel our support throughout the process.

Do you feel a connection to the language and culture?
This course will strengthen it.
  • All our teachers are native Spanish speakers.
  • Our courses also allow you to explore aspects of Latin American culture.
  • You will connect with more people who, like you, love the language.

Speak fluently, live fluently.