The teachers of Spanish with Maria want to meet you

Would you like to learn Spanish with private lessons? We have a team of NATIVE Spanish teachers ready to design a Spanish class for you.

Our Spanish classes in Español con Maria are completely taylor made, which means that the content, dynamics and pace are adapted to your interests, strengths, weaknesses and goals.

We are sure that when you enjoy the learning process, you see results faster.

profesores español con maria
  • Profesores nativos
  • Clases diseñadas para cada estudiante
  • Duración 50 minutos
  • Para estudiantes de todos los niveles

Steps to take a private Spanish class with us

Steps to take a private Spanish lesson with us

There are two ways to choose Spanish classes with Maria:

1. You can choose the teacher you like and then see his or her schedule.

profesora maria de español con maria
Teacher Maria
Profesor de Español Mateo
Teacher Mateo
profesores mateo y vanessa-03
Teacher Vanessa

2. Or you can simply choose the day and time you want for Spanish classes and the system will assign a teacher for you.

Receive a discount by purchasing the packagesprivate Spanish classes

Private lesson packages are valid for 365 days. When you buy them, you receive a code in your email. That code is what you will need to schedule the other classes in the package.

Steps for taking a Spanish class with Maria

We have classes for all levels.

1. Choose the day and time

Find (in your time zone) the time that suits you for the class. The system will automatically assign one of our teachers for you.

2. Complete the registration data

If you have a valid class package, under the terms and conditions you must write the code.


We will send you a message with the details of the class. You can add it to your Google calendar so you don’t forget it.

More information about our Spanish classes

Classes are in Zoom

You must create a free Zoom account and you can connect from your computer or from your cell phone. We record the classes and send them to you so you can see your process.

50 minutes of class

Classes begin at the time of the agendas and end 50 minutes later. It is the student's responsibility to log in to class on time.

We design the class for you

Although our methodology is communicative, the content, dynamics and pace of the class is designed for each student, so we accompany them to meet their objectives.

Native teachers

All of the teachers at Spanish with Maria are native Spanish speakers. They are fluent in English and have knowledge of a third and even a fourth language.

Take a Spanish class with us