Survival Spanish Course



Do you need to learn survival Spanish in a very short time? Well, learning a language is marathon, but here we’ll have a sprint so you can quickly get into the language and learn against the clock the most basic things you need whether it’s for a trip, to impress friends or just to start mastering the language. This is a 3 weeks online program that mixes videos, audios, exams, images and live lessons so you can take most of the useful vocabulary in short time.

What will you learn during this training:

✅ Basic courtesy: greetings and farewells in Spanish

✅ Small talk basics: How to introduce yourself, talk abour your age, your nationality.

✅ Usefull vocabulary for common situations: visiting a store, talking to a taxi driver a migration officer, asking for (and understanding)  directions and more.

How lessons are presented:

We record didactic video lessons presented in Spanglish. We start talking in English and after every lesson, we add more vocabulary in Spanish. Lessons have visual resources to help you better understand and roleplays to learn the vocabulary in context. 



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